AGT’s “Power-Duo” Does a Breathtaking Aerial Dance with Lindsey Stirling…

The performance that Anjanette and Gervin, also known as “The Power Duo,” do on America’s Got Talent with the great violinist Lindsey Stirling is really incredible.

The aerial dance team is from Angono in the province of Rizal in the Philippines, and they were the champions of the fifth season of “Pilipinas Got Talent.” They had first joined the program as friends, but after their powerful audition, they began dating.

Many people have been amazed and captivated by the undeniable connection that exists between them both on and off the stage.

A modern and aerial dance performance was the pair’s final act on America’s Got Talent.

Lindsey Stirling, whose superb violin instrumental of “Crystallize” served as the duo’s accompaniment, and the couple put on a show to showcase their dancing talents as well as their physical ability.

Stirling said that the pair served as a source of motivation for her, and she found it really enlightening to see how they performed, “…it was extremely difficult not to just face them the whole time because that was that was mind-blowing,” she added.

Despite the fact that the pair received a respectable number of votes, they did not place in the top 5.

Their captivating performance is definitely something that should be seen.






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