Although she is 90 years old, she still dances better than many young people

Sometimes age makes a person younger and more lively.With the age, you also realize that you need more emotions and entertainment. You crave more attention and seek more interests in art. Here is a grandmother who was 91 years old. but at heart she was a young and lively woman who was considered a Hollywood legend.

Jean Veloz was dancing with her choreographer at an event. Lindy/Swing with her performance at the FatCat Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona captivated and surprised everyone. Perhaps this fact, which sounds a little strange, was really very surprising. The 91-year-old woman seemed to fly and glide on the stage like a butterfly.

What was surprising was her energetic nature, his liveliness and agility.She took the stage to loud applause. As soon as she took the stage, there were cheers and inspiration speeches. Her dance number looked like something out of a 40’s movie.

They danced to the famous song “I’m Starting to See the Light” by Duke Ellington, Johnny. The song was created in 1944. It was necessary to see and enjoy it, because describing it as an observer might not describe it so accurately.

Her movements were performed so lightly and expertly that you cannot be impressed.She expressed her joy and love for life with her dance – the rhythmic movement of her body, which she conveyed to the audience. Usually we think that dance is just movements performed to music, but we do not know that it is a feeling, it is life and dedication.

Through dance, people lighten up and convey emotions. Dance has long been popular in society as an art form. It was not for nothing that when a happy or expected event happened, people started dancing and making movements expressing their joy in that way.Even in ancient times, every ceremony was accompanied by dance. It is another proof that dance is a way to express any feeling, in which the body serves as a mediator to convey those feelings. This 91-year-old woman conveyed her emotions and her satisfaction and trust in life through dance.

Dance rejuvenated her and gave her a new life. She performed her number with such enthusiasm and from the bottom of her heart that everyone wanted to be full of life like her optimistic and appreciative of life. After all, life is given once, it should be lived as if that was the last minute you lived.







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