According to Matthew Perry, he will cut a line about Keanu Reeves from future publications of his memoir

A late revision is being made to Matthew Perry’s autobiography, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing. On April 22, the former friend of Friends made known that he would be removing an offensive line from future iterations of his autobiography.

Perry apologized for disparaging the actor in a few of his book’s sections at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. “I made a stupid statement. “It was a cruel thing to do,” he said to the crowd. Because we share a street, I chose his name, Perry explained. I publicly apologized to him. There won’t be a future edition of the book with his name on it.

Perry mentioned the Matrix star after writing about actors who died from overdoses when they were very young. River Phoenix, who passed away in 1993, was described by Perry as “a beautiful man, inside and out — too beautiful for this world, it turned out.” “The guys who fall seem to always be the really talented ones. Why does Keanu Reeves still live among us while original thinkers like Heath Ledger and River Phoenix pass away?

He had previously admitted to PEOPLE in October that he named Reeves because he respected him. I actually like Keanu a lot, he previously stated. “I made a mistake; I just picked a random name. I’m sorry. Instead, I ought to have used my real name. Perry goes a step further than his initial apology with these updated versions.

Later in the book, Perry mentions hearing about Chris Farley’s overdose death in 1997, mentioning Reeves once more. “His illness had advanced more quickly than mine had. Plus, we did not share my healthy fear of the word “heroin,” he added. “When I learned, I punched a hole through the wall of Jennifer Aniston’s dressing room. Keanu Reeves mingles with us.

Perry added that he hasn’t spoken to Reeves about the remark in person yet. “I’ll be sorry if I run into that guy. Simply stupid,” he declared.

In his book, Perry provides a candid look back over the years, discussing many facets of his life, such as his erratic weight loss due to substance use disorders during his time on Friends and his previous relationships with Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts.






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