(VIDEO): The shy teen’s talent competition submission will go down in school history

You don’t have to be a movie aficionado to recognize that people enjoy a good underdog narrative. After all, it has inspired several cinematic plots, ranging from sports teams to improbable prom queens. It’s reasonable to assume that most of us like to root for the underdog.

Brett Nichols was 17 years old and a junior in high school when he had an encounter that might have been made in Hollywood. That had to do with the yearly school talent event, and he was just killing it!

But Brett had no idea at the time that it was merely the beginning of a dream coming true.

Many children strive to emulate their favorite performers. Nevertheless, while most of the time it’s simply for fun, Brett learned to dance like Michael Jackson at home. No, I actually dance like him.

He began dancing seriously when he was nine years old, and at the age of eleven, he performed his King of Pop routines at the school talent competition.
It wasn’t until years later, with the support of his friends, that he decided to try it again.

Some of us want to run and hide just thinking about performing in front of an audience. Brett, on the other hand, fearlessly signed up for the Pitman High School talent show in Turlock, California.
Brett took the gymnasium floor in front of a throng of his peers, dressed like Michael Jackson. He was dressed in a black suit with a hat, sunglasses, and a single glove (which was like icing on the cake). When the music started, everyone went crazy.

The video below is similar to many movie endings. That final moment gives you shivers and makes you applaud.
Brett breaks out dancing to Michael Jackson’s legendary song “Billie Jean” in the background as if he’s channeling the King of Pop himself. It’s a routine filled with the artist’s signature movements.

Brett takes the microphone and begins lip-syncing “Billie Jean” while Jackson’s vocals play through the speakers.
The students yell as they watch Brett’s smart footwork and movements that look like those of the late artist. But the greatest part? He doesn’t keep anything back.

Furthermore, he flawlessly executes all of our favorite hallmark maneuvers. This youngster performed his homework meticulously!

Brett appears to be quite confident while dancing in the center of the gym floor, which he swiftly lights on fire!
Yet, as we all know, every show must have a satisfying conclusion. The adolescent does not disappoint.

Brett performs the ultimate move and moonwalks across the gymnasium at the end of his talent show routine.
Unsurprisingly, the whole room explodes in applause.

As the teen’s act is through, he throws his arm in the air and receives the greatest round of applause ever.
It’s a goosebump-inducing moment that usually only occurs in movies.

Brett won the talent event that day, and while it may seem like the ideal climax to a narrative, it was only the beginning.
The video of his Michael Jackson performance went viral, capturing the attention of news and entertainment outlets as well as individuals all over the world! Brett was instantly offered incredible possibilities. One highlight came when Jackson’s estate reached out to him, offering him praise, a CD, and an invitation to witness the “Michael Jackson ONE” concert in Vegas.

Brett explained to the Turlock Journal:

“It’s an honor to be honored by such a prominent family in American history.”

According to Billboard, “Billie Jean” has even returned to the Top 100 music list as a result of Brett’s viral performance!

Play the video to see Brett’s performance for yourself!






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