Officials are summoned to investigate a child selling “ice cold beer”—until they take a closer look at his sign

We’re in the midst of summer, and the weather is becoming increasingly hot—the ideal time for a refreshing drink. That means it’s time for kids all around the country to take advantage of this by stepping out to the front lawn and setting up a good old-fashioned lemonade stand.

Nevertheless, one little child had a better plan. He understood what the adults truly wanted to drink, and his strategy worked well until the cops arrived.

On Tuesday, a young man from Brigham City, Utah, put up a drink station that rapidly became popular.

This was the sign he was holding:

The youngster appeared to be selling beer. On the one hand, this is rather clever—after all, who doesn’t appreciate a cool one on a hot afternoon? but on the other, and, of course, worrisome because he is under the age of 21, not to mention that his stand undoubtedly has a liquor license.

So, worried neighbors and other people in the area called the police to try to shut down the child’s illegal alcohol stand. Brigham City Police Department officers arrived, ready to take action.

But then they looked closer at his placard…

He was, indeed, peddling root beer.
Look at the kid’s expression in the shot, as well as the small smiling face in the corner of the placard. That’s the expression of a youngster who has just mastered the art of trolling.

The cops let the kid go about his business… Evidently, business is fine when he isn’t stopped by the cops.

“His marketing tactic has resulted in multiple calls to the BCPD, but evidently [it’s] paid off as business has been excellent,” the Brigham Police Department stated on Facebook.

This youngster is certainly destined for a career in advertising.






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