Sissy Fisk is 73 years old and has been married to her husband for 50 years. The couple is enjoying their quiet farm life and still has no regrets about leaving their city life for a more normal one

Sissy Spacek is a well-known singer and actress with several honors to her name, yet despite her celebrity, she and her husband of 50 years, Jack Fisk, enjoy one of the oldest and strongest marriages in Hollywood.

The couple recently converted their barn into a recording and painting studio. Spacek raved over her spouse, calling him a brilliant artist from whom she had learned so much.

The actress also attributes her enormous success to her decision to go to a farm and the bond she enjoys with her spouse.

She claims they both truly understand each other’s interests and motives, so they let each other follow their passions.

Spacek is delighted to be in her 70th year and still have such a vibrant connection, despite the fact that time has flown by.

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The actress also enjoys expressing her artistic side in her garden, where she disclosed that she had been adding peonies and woodbox trees and proudly stated that her garden was lovely as a result of her hard work.

Spacek likes her peaceful existence on the farm; one of her favorite pastimes is sitting on her porch with her battery-powered fan and admiring her surroundings.

While she adores her gorgeous property, Spacek also enjoys her husband’s sense of humor so much that “it’s so nice it’s horrible,” she remarked.

But, now that she will be 73 on Christmas Day, the actress was asked how her relationship with her children has evolved, and she stated that their roles have been flipped and they now take care of her.

To mention a few examples of how her children have assisted, the actress stated that anytime they are at the airport, they will be the ones leading the way to the gates.

Yet, her offspring often appreciate the life they were given as children and reciprocate by taking care of her. Spacek’s eldest, Schulyer, took after her and had a fantastic singing voice; her youngest, like her father, is a graphic artist.

During the height of their celebrity, Spacek and her husband chose to leave the city and go to rural Virginia, selling their property in Topanga Canyon.

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The couple acquired a property in Virginia to get away from Hollywood and live a more peaceful life. Spacek made the decision not just for their own sanity but also to offer her girls a regular childhood.

The actress realized that it was easy to become captivated by a “movie star life,” therefore she wanted her children and spouse to have a different and more calm life.

Spacek stated that she needs to live a regular life and be around “normal people,” which she did. Despite her celebrity, the actress does her own grocery shopping and helps train the horses she and Fisk own.

Going to the farm benefited both her children and her marriage. Her children learned what it was like to have “soil between their toes” and a rooted upbringing, and she got to spend more time with Fisk.

Furthermore, the mother of two felt it was critical to provide her children with a childhood that allowed them to make mistakes without the burden of the media.

The long-term pair met on the set of “Badlands” in 1972, while she was starring and Fisk was creating the set. The actress stated that she and her husband did not really believe in marriage; in fact, once they married, they deposited $30 in their bank account because that was the cost of a divorce.

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Yet that $30 was never put to use since Spacek and Fisk only grew stronger, and the two can’t imagine life without each other. “Now I suppose it would take something spectacular, like death, to put a stop to it,” the actress remarked.






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