Mom, dad and daughter graduate together from college in rare feat: ‘The most special moment’

A remarkable milestone has been achieved as a family etches their names in history by graduating simultaneously from Texas Lutheran University. This extraordinary accomplishment saw the mother, father, and daughter donning their caps and gowns together, walking across the stage to receive their diplomas in unison. Ashley Adams along with her parents, Robyn and Greg Adams got their college degrees together. “This is my fun fact when I meet people,” said Ashley Adams before the “surreal” occasion, as per a news release from the school, reports People.

“Who else can say that they went to college with both of their parents and will be walking the stage with them?” she added. “My parents didn’t get to finish their education because they wanted to start a family and there were better opportunities at the time to obtain that goal.” When Ashley’s parents asked their daughter if she had a problem with them transferring to TLU, which is in Austin, she was ready to do it. “I can’t express how proud I am of my parents for not only going back to school but making the most out of their time here,” she said. “My mom has taken on a mother-like role and was always helping her classmates in various ways. My dad got to be a college athlete by joining the golf team.”

“I think that they have had such a presence on campus and I am so lucky and proud to call them my parents,” she added. “Graduating with my family is by far going to be one of the most special moments of my life.” Robyn got a degree in accounting, while her husband, a retired Army veteran, pursued his business degree. “Going back to school and getting a degree after 22 years in the Army. Taking the time to be a supplemental instructor and help your classmates while getting your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I just can’t express how proud and impressed I am,” Ashley said of her parents.

“I’m going to be watching my husband and daughter and it’s going to be surreal,” Robyn said of TLU’s Spring Commencement Ceremony. “I’m so very proud of Ashley, but to get to watch from a behind-the-scenes perspective is really neat and something I would never give up.” Ashley Adams plans to become a math teacher, while Robyn and Greg Adams have accepted jobs at CPA firm Forvis and the Randolph Air Force Base.

Robyn said of his experience at the university: “The students were so accepting of us, and everyone was always so welcoming. The faculty, like Professor Sally Cook, genuinely care about you and want to know you as a person rather than a number in their classroom. We’ve had so many things happen during our time here and they have been so wonderful. From losing both of Greg’s parents to having our son get in a really bad car wreck during finals, they always told us to take care of our family first and we could figure school out later.” As for Greg, he is a proud father but he is also fulfilling his own dream of graduating from college. “I want to say I won’t get emotional, but I probably will,” he said. “I’m so very proud of all of Ashley’s accomplishments and the woman she is becoming. I thank her for allowing us the opportunity to attend TLU and for allowing us to watch her develop into the person she is.”






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