A thank-you note sent by a little girl to a police officer sets off a cascade of acts of kindness…

Brooke Yost, then nine years old, was upset to discover that she did not have the funds to purchase a container of doughnuts when she went to a petrol station with the intention of making the purchase.

However, a kind-hearted law enforcement officer who was standing behind her in the line came forward and offered to pay for her treat. Yost expressed her gratitude to the police, but she soon exited the store with her doughnuts since she was uncomfortable talking to an adult she did not know.

But as soon as Brooke Yost arrived at her house, she knew, down at the bottom of her heart, that she was unable to just do nothing and sit back and relax. She was obligated to show gratitude to the police for the help he provided.

She expressed her appreciation for the officer’s kindness by penning a letter of thanks and slipping a ten dollar bill into an envelope. In the message, she expressed both her gratitude for the officer’s generosity and her sorrow that she did not gift him the money that she had.

The kind officer, Chad Savannah, who had kindly paid for Brooke’s doughnuts was the recipient of the thank you card that was sent in appreciation for his generosity.

Her sincere message of gratitude and her gift left the policemen feeling really moved and grateful. They wanted to convey their gratitude to her for the kind act she had performed, so they banded together to take her shopping at the toy store of her choice and surprise her with a gift card worth fifty dollars. Every cop did their part to make it happen, and it was a team effort.

However, the generosity was not exhausted at that point. Yost made the decision to do even more to help others by donating toys to a charity using the gift card she had received. The police were moved by her generosity, and as a way to demonstrate their gratitude, they decided to give her and her family a private tour of the Butler State Police Station.

During the tour, Yost and her family were not only given a glimpse inside the station’s operations that are normally kept secret, but they were also given presents and a delectable box of doughnuts as a thank you for their time and participation.

The cops’ hearts were moved by Yost’s kind gesture, which sparked a chain reaction of acts of compassion among the police. It serves as a reminder that even the most little acts of generosity may have a significant effect, and that when we do acts of kindness, we motivate others to perform acts of kindness as well.

Beth Shaffer Yost, Yost’s mother, said it best when she said, “We’re trying to educate our kids the correct way.

To teach them the proper way to conduct themselves and to pay back what they are responsible for is our only goal in working with them. We had the impression that she was responsible for their doughnuts.”






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