Bob Newhart celebrates his 60th wedding anniversary by showing photos from his 1963 wedding. He also shared his thoughts on what makes a happy marriage

Bob Newhart came to Twitter on January 13, 2023, to publish many black-and-white images from his 1963 wedding to Virginia “Ginny” Quinn. Buddy Hackett set him up on a blind date with Quinn sixty years earlier, according to the actor.

On January 12, 1963, they married after falling in love. Bob posted four photos of him and his wife cutting their wedding cake and posing with other people on their big day.

The celebrity stated that they shared some of their “favorite images” in honor of the “wonderful milestone.” Fans flocked to the comment area to express their appreciation, with one individual writing:

“Both of you are national treasures.”

Another admirer called the event “wonderful,” complimented the pair, and wished them a happy anniversary. Another fan said they liked Bob, were addicted to his broadcasts, and watched him every day because his shows were still “some of the greatest” on television.

The television celebrity met his future wife on a blind date set up by the comedian in 1962. Bob was still a rising star in Hollywood when they became acquainted, and the duo had an “instant connection” from their first meeting.

The couple only dated for a year before getting married the next year. Quinn and her husband added four children to their family during the next few years: Robert, Jennifer, Courtney, and Timothy Newhart.

In 2020, the actor from “The Big Bang Theory” and his wife had been married for 57 years when he revealed the key to their long-lasting marriage. During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the then-91-year-old entertainer stated:

“There’s something about laughter and marriage longevity.”

Another not-so-secret to their long-lasting marriage was undoubtedly how they had each other’s backs. Bob did not forsake his wife when she became ill.

In a previous interview, Bob confessed that his Catholic faith played a significant role in the longevity of his marriage. The celebrity also highlighted how one had to “work a bit harder” and couldn’t abandon the relationship after the first argument.

When his wife was diagnosed with liver cancer, the actor resorted to his faith. Bob described going to church twice a week throughout the week, and Quinn finally received a liver transplant in 2008.

The comic would go and praise God for the celebrity’s partner’s improved health. He also said that the time she was ill was “dramatic,” although he was more of a homebody in 2022.

Bob was a “great waster of time” who wasted his time accomplishing little. He quipped that while he appeared to be busy, he had done nothing by the end of the day!

He used to be able to fill sheets of legal pads with writing, but now he waited for inspiration. When he couldn’t find inspiration, he worked at his company or watched TV with his wife.

Quinn’s husband kept his mind and body fit by eating well—thanks to his wife—and seeing his trainer once a week. He completed exercise reps every day, but he said that if he’d been left to his own devices, he wouldn’t be living in 2023.

The actor joked that his wife wanted him around for some inexplicable reason! When he was slated to be 93 in September 2022, he stated that he had spent sixty years touring and did not intend to do so again.

Bob stated that he would never have to stay in a motel room again. His bucket list was over, and the only place he wanted to be was among the people he cared about since it was all about friends and family.

Quinn was “everything” to the comic, and they shared the same ideals and liked each other’s company. He added that she was also quite funny and had everything he was searching for.

When he became too pompous, the star’s wife could keep him in check and bring him back down to Earth. He remembered an event in which she requested him to carry out the recyclables, and he felt cocky.

Bob asked Quinn whether Angelina Jolie forced Brad Pitt to take out the recyclables. Quinn said that if he were Pitt, she would not have asked him to take out the garbage!

The couple’s other loves were their grandkids, although they also enjoyed spending time alone every now and again. The actor’s wife stated that they were having more fun together than ever before and that even going to the deli was pleasurable.

He [Bob Newhart] revealed that he lacked a flag, so his granddaughters made one for him.

Bob and his family resided in their 9,169-square-foot Bel Air mansion until 2016, when it sold for $14.5 million. The couple was still residing in Los Angeles and occasionally went out with their friends or spent time with their children.

Quinn mentioned that they preferred being home because they had traveled so much when they were little. Bob could appreciate his job as a grandfather now that he had more time on his hands.

Bob may live in Los Angeles, but he was never interested in the Hollywood world. The actor added that he had ten grandkids and that he never cared how great someone was in the profession if they didn’t have “a decent family life,” since what had they accomplished?

He felt that when the world’s wealthiest men looked back on their tragic marriages, what would they have accomplished? Bob frequently posted on social media about his grandchildren’s exploits, such as basketball contests.

In 2016, the actor posted a Facebook photo of himself waving a “W” flag with three of his grandchildren in Seattle. He admitted that he didn’t have a flag, so his granddaughters made him one, which he felt was lovely.

Bob once stated that his family was his greatest major life achievement and that he was proud of them. Quinn previously stated, “We both appreciate what we have so much more.”






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