(VIDEO): Beautiful moment: single dad adopts all five siblings to raise them together as one

Fathers who make the difference are heroes without capes. Lamont Thomas is one of them. The father of two children, namely Anthony and Monica, is a lover of homeless children.

Although the single dad has fostered several children in the past, the recent addition feels incredible. Thomas adopts five siblings at once and says they would have been separated if he doesn’t.

The single dad is known to be passionate about adopting children. This passion started, according to him, when he became a foster parent to a friend’s child. Ever since that, he knew he had a role to play in children’s lives.

The five siblings, aged one to five, would have been broken into different homes but for Lamont Thomas’ intervention. He knows the dangers behind separating children. Today, the children are part of his big family.

When siblings are separated, there are negative impacts to it. These impacts include insecurity, trauma, and socio-moral immaturity. Thomas is ensuring this is not the case for the five siblings.

When asked why he enthuses his fight to keep the children together, the good-natured man resolves to keep the adopted children until they age out or rejoin their family.

Zendaya, Jamel, Nakia, Major, and Michaela cling tightly to their new father. While this is beautiful to watch, many credits go to the man who never turns a child away.

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