Glenn Close Embraces Her Natural Beauty at 76, Proudly Admiring Her Lookalike Daughter

Glenn Close Radiates Confidence at 76, Embracing Her Makeup-Free Appearance and Praising Her Resemblance to Daughter

As Glenn Close celebrated her birthday, the iconic actress delighted her fans by sharing a video on Instagram, showcasing her natural beauty without any makeup. With her short white hair left untouched, Close, at 76, exuded infinite grace and still sees the world “through the eyes of a 20-year-old.”

In the video update, recorded from her home in New York, Close shared her recent activities and health status. She expressed her happiness at being reunited with her dog after a busy schedule, which included isolating due to a Covid diagnosis that prevented her from attending the 2023 Oscars, where she was set to present an award alongside Harrison Ford.

The acclaimed star also revealed her upcoming project, a comedy-action film called “Back in Action” on Netflix, in which she stars alongside Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz.

Fans showered Close with praise and well-wishes, acknowledging her astounding talent and expressing gratitude for her inspirational presence. One fan from Scotland remarked on Close’s uplifting posts and mesmerizing performances, while another fondly recalled her remarkable work on theater stages before transitioning to film.

Close’s journey in the entertainment industry began with her Broadway debut in 1974, and she later captivated audiences with her portrayal of Norma Desmond in the Broadway production of “Sunset Boulevard” in 1994. Her introduction to Hollywood came when she was discovered by director George Roy Hill during her time on Broadway, leading to her breakthrough role in “The World According to Garp” (1982). This marked the beginning of a distinguished career that garnered her eight Oscar nominations, though she is yet to secure a win. However, she boasts three Golden Globe Awards, three Tony Awards, and three Primetime Emmy Awards.

Her sixth and seventh Academy Award nominations came for her performances in “Albert Nobbs” (2011) and “The Wife” (2017), both of which she shared with her daughter Annie Starke, who strikingly resembles her. Annie, 35, has acted alongside her mother in “Father Figures” and “The Wife,” playing younger versions of Close’s characters. Close never misses an opportunity to gush over her daughter’s beauty and strength. In an interview with Glamour, she expressed her pride in Annie’s character and described her as fiercer than herself, often seeking her opinion for a different perspective.

The bond between mother and daughter is palpable, as evidenced by Annie’s heartfelt posts. On Close’s birthday, Annie shared a throwback photo of her with Close, Michael Douglas, and Eddie Murphy, emphasizing Close’s legendary status. In another post before the 91st Academy Awards, Annie expressed her admiration and support for her mother, highlighting her deserving of every award.

With her eighth Oscar nomination for “Hillbilly Elegy” (2020), where she played Amy Adams’ mother, Close demonstrates her enduring presence in the industry. Having graced screens and stages for over four decades, Close acknowledges the inevitable effects of aging, but she refuses to succumb to Hollywood’s beauty standards. She firmly believes that her true identity goes beyond physical appearances and that her energy remains youthful. While she occasionally wrestles with societal expectations, Close strives to find beauty even in her aging skin, perceiving it as a testament to the passage of time, much like sand after the tide recedes.

In addition to her appearances in commercially successful films, Close continues to challenge herself as an artist. She recently made her debut in a foreign-language series, starring in the second season of the acclaimed Apple+ thriller, “Tehran.” Close’s role required her to wear a hijab and speak fluent Farsi, prompting her to dedicate significant time to language training and deliver a performance that would astonish native Farsi speakers.

Glenn Close, with her grace, immense talent, and dedication to her craft, remains an inspiration to many, leaving an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.






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