(VIDEO)Celebrity ‘Voice’ Judge Blake Shelton Sings Hit Song He Received In Dream From God

Country music artist, Blake Shelton, uses his talent to sing about his faith in testing times. The super-star has battled personal tragedy and difficult times; all brutally played out in the public arena due to his fame.

He is going through a high-profile divorce from his wife and an all too public affair with super-star singer, Gwen Stefani. He wrote a powerful song of affirmation that gave him the strength to move forward in these adverse times. The song is entitled, “Savior’s Shadow.”

Blake Shelton
He tells how he awoke from a dream where the words had come to him like a divinely inspired vision. In the midst of his troubles, the words brought him comfort and strength, and he knew he had to write the song.

Country music is the perfect vehicle for artists and fans to express themselves and explore their feelings. The honesty of the lyrics enables people to reach out to others and communicate, both when times are troubled and when they are experiencing happiness and fulfillment.

The song is full of heartfelt emotion, and you can hear the devotion coming through in words. He sings it with his easy-listening, rich voice, accompanied beautifully by his guitar. It is a song of praise in a celebration of Shelton’s faith in the Savior at a time when he needs him most.

This song is quite a change from his usual, more upbeat tones, but you be the judge, watch the video and decide if this is a side to the talented singer that hits a chord with you.

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