Listen : This kid really does sound like the King, Elvis Presley. Closest I’ve ever heard

Thibault’s rendition of “Blue Christmas” was spot-on, from his slicked-back hair to his hip-swiveling dance moves. He effortlessly captured the essence of Elvis, and viewers were blown away by his talent. The video of his performance quickly racked up millions of views on YouTube and other social media platforms, catapulting Thibault to overnight stardom.

Following his appearance on “Ellen,” Thibault continued to perform as an Elvis impersonator, wowing crowds with his uncanny resemblance to the iconic singer. He even recorded an album, which featured his own takes on some of Elvis’ greatest hits. Thibault has since gone on to pursue a career as a musician in his own right, drawing inspiration from a range of musical styles, including rockabilly, country, and blues.

In the years since his breakout performance, Thibault has continued to build a dedicated fanbase, thanks in part to his impressive vocal range and electrifying stage presence. He remains one of the most talented Elvis impersonators of his generation, and his performance of “Blue Christmas” on “Ellen” will always be remembered as the moment when the world first discovered his incredible talent.






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