In her own perspective, Cote De Pablo discusses her unexpected exit from NCIS…

Fans were both delighted and a little bit concerned about the new arrival when Cote De Pablo joined the NCIS series in season three as Special Agent Ziva David. On the other hand, the Chilean-American actress established herself as a fan favorite and continued to appear on the program for more than eight years.

In light of this, viewers were naturally perplexed and curious about what had transpired when she abruptly changed her mind in 2013.

Cote didn’t immediately share the reason why she made the choice, but in 2016, she spoke up about her decision and revealed that she didn’t like the plans that they had for her character.

She provided an explanation, stating, “Unfortunately, due of political factors and scripts not being good enough, I elected not to [return to NCIS].”

To put it simply, I adore this person! I spent eight years working on the character of Ziva, and once I finished, I realized that she wasn’t getting the respect that she deserved from other people.

They intended to make [Zivalife ]’s a living hell by repatriating her to Israel and treating her like a common criminal. That didn’t seem right to me at all. I’ve already let them know that I won’t be coming back unless someone comes up with something really amazing for Ziva.”

David McCallum, who plays her co-star, expressed his displeasure with the manner in which Cotes handled the situation. “That someone would simply abandon us like that provoked both annoyance and rage on our part.

I simply don’t comprehend how a starring woman in a program that’s international, who purportedly wants to make a career as an actor, suddenly walks away from such a jewel, and just disappears a couple of days before we start filming.

That blows my mind. I just don’t see how it happened.” CBS execs claimed that they did not want to see her leave NCIS, but stressed that the choice to terminate her time on the show was “her decision.”

Cote subsequently clarified that what she had first stated wasn’t precisely right, but she did return to the program for seasons 16 and 17.

Cote commented on her prior comments in a 2019 article and stated, “I believe it was taken out of context at a certain point, and people start writing that to support the concept of leaving.”

On the other hand, I did not go because I wanted to, because I was prepared, or because I was worn out, i wasn’t really given much of a choice in the matter.”






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