Rod Stewart Makes The Decision To Leave LA, Fed Up With Its “Toxic” Culture

Rod Stewart, the iconic musician behind hits like “I Don’t Want to Talk About It,” has made the firm decision to leave Los Angeles behind. At 78 years old, he is ready to bid adieu to The Golden State and embark on a journey back to the familiar embrace of his home soil in London. The reason behind this significant move is his profound dissatisfaction with what he perceives as a “toxic culture” in LA, as revealed in an exclusive report.

Stewart’s decision is fueled by his constant feeling of being stripped of privacy in LA. Sources close to the Grammy winner disclosed to the Daily Mail that he has grown weary of the constant intrusion and the inconveniences associated with frequent travel.

Just days ago, news broke that the acclaimed musician listed his splendid estate on the market for a staggering $70 million. The sprawling European-style property, sprawling over an impressive 33,000 square feet, boasts extravagant features including a pristine swimming pool and a picturesque soccer field.

According to sales records cited by the Wall Street Journal, Stewart originally purchased this magnificent property back in 1991 for a modest sum of $12.08 million. Additionally, he owns another lavish residence in the affluent Palm Beach, Florida.

Stewart’s rumored move back to London will undoubtedly reduce the burdensome travel for him, his wife Penny Lancaster (whom he married in 2007), and their two sons, Alastair (18) and Aiden (12). The acclaimed artist strongly believes that the vibrant city of LA has deprived him of the privacy he cherishes and has grown weary of the constant back-and-forth journeys.

Penny Lancaster, Rod Stewart’s wife, has dedicated the past few years to volunteering as a police officer.

Both boys are currently enrolled in a prestigious school in England, while Lancaster, aged 52, has found fulfillment in her role as a volunteer police officer. An insider shared that Penny relishes the life she has built away from America and LA, finding immense satisfaction in her meaningful work in law enforcement and cherishing her identity as a dedicated working mother.

The remarkable property that Stewart is preparing to sell is a testament to European-style architecture, spanning a sprawling 33,000 square feet, with luxurious amenities such as a refreshing swimming pool and a spacious soccer field.

“Moreover, there is no desire whatsoever from Rod and Penny’s boys to leave their school and friends in the UK and move to America,” added the insider, highlighting the strong connections the family has formed in their current home. Another source revealed that Stewart’s children, born from his relationships with five different women, wholeheartedly support his decision to return to his beloved homeland. Their sole wish is to see their father happy.






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