“This is what I’ve always wanted.” Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert rose to prominence at an early age. Her adoptive parents raised her in the entertainment industry. Paul, her father, was an actor, and Barbara, her mother, was both an actress and a dancer.

Gilbert grew up working commercials, but she is best known for her role as Laura Ingalls in the fan-favorite series “Little House on the Prairie,” which aired from 1974 to 1982.

Gilbert continued to take on various acting parts as a youngster, but she also seamlessly moved into adult ones. In 2003, she was elected president of the Screen Actors Guild for the second time in a row.

However, the actress is now in a new period of her life, where she has downplayed the Hollywood lifestyle in favor of a tranquil existence and spending quality time with her grandkids.

Things are usually done extravagantly in Hollywood, especially when it comes to property. Gilbert, on the other hand, isn’t interested in the sunny California lifestyle because she sold her million-dollar home and bought a $98,000 house in New York in 2019.

People wonder if Gilbert lost her riches to managers and was forced to select the next best thing when a star downsizes their life to that level.

In this case, though, Gilbert had always been open about her desire to recapture the simple life she portrayed on “Little House on the Prairie,” and she wrote about it in her most recent memoir, “Back to the Prairie.”

The house she and her husband, Tim Busfield, purchased had been abandoned by the previous owner, who had left it cluttered with garbage and rodent-infested.

The pair, on the other hand, had no qualms about getting their hands filthy. They got rid of the decaying food in the fridge and cupboards and the sticky, dirt-covered flooring in order to make the residence habitable.

Gilbert spent a long time washing her house before installing new cabinetry, a ceiling fan, a couch, and a “love seat.” Gilbert also enjoys knitting her own blankets to bring warmth and a personal touch to her house.

Outside, the actress has made excellent use of the area by installing raised flower beds and bringing in a few hens. The general vibe of the house is warm, friendly, and cheery, and it appears to be a favorite of their dog, Chicago.

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Gilbert and her husband rent out an apartment in Manhattan in addition to their treasured single-bathroom cottage, but they prefer to spend their days in their secluded, wooded house.

Gilbert adores being a grandma. She promised her fans that after the birth of her granddaughter Ripley, she would bombard them with baby pictures.

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The actress shared many photos of Ripley in her arms, displaying all of her cuddling time. Gilbert and Busfield have a total of eight grandchildren. Dakota is the star of “Little House on the Prairie” with her first husband, Bo Brinkman.

Her marriage to Brinkman terminated after six years; she later married Bruce Boxleitner, with whom she had another son, Michael.

Their marriage, however, ended after 16 years. From his marriage to Kathryn Holcomb, Boxleitner produced two additional sons, Sam and Lee. Despite the breakup with her second husband, Gilbert stayed close to her stepsons and shared their milestones.

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Gilbert became the stepmother to three additional children when she married Busfield: Wilson, Samuel, and Daisy Busfield. Gilbert adores her mixed family; on International Son’s Day, the actress wrote a poignant message in which she expressed gratitude for her four kids, Dakota, Michael, Sam, and Lee.

She described her sons as the chambers of her heart since they were giving, compassionate, hilarious, and brilliant. Gilbert is even more delighted to bring her grandkids along and teach them about a life she enjoyed as a youngster now that she is embracing her real self and living a simpler life.

Gilbert just welcomed another grandchild, Rosemary, and, like any proud grandmother, she shared the happy news with her Instagram followers.

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The grandma was seen with her grandchild laying on her breast and smiling happily next to her. Gilbert adores snuggling with her grandkids.

Starting a career in the spotlight as a youngster seemed easy, but as Gilbert got older, she learned she was supposed to stay youthful, so she turned to botox and plastic surgery to try to turn back time.

Gilbert understood, however, that she did not need to fit into anyone’s model of what a 58-year-old woman should look like after much reflection and therapy sessions.

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As a result, the actress launched her website, Modern Prairie, to demonstrate to women that every stage and age is essential and that they do not have to fade into the background as they age.

Gilbert also thanks her husband for his unwavering support and for agreeing to relocate across the nation. The actress enjoys her new peaceful existence in their New York home, where she spends her days baking pies, drawing, and interacting with her Modern Prairie community.

Her priorities are to live a peaceful and joyful life, to take care of her body, to eat healthy food grown in her garden, and to appreciate her fertile age.

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Gilbert stated that she had always wished to live a quiet life on the mountaintop, but she was more concerned with being skinny and fitting into the Hollywood mold than with living her truth.

So, one day, she awoke and chose to live a life that fulfilled her, and Gilbert is glad she broke free from the attitude of focusing on the outer and ignoring the inner.

The actress is thrilled to be living the natural lifestyle she has always desired, and she couldn’t be happier or more content with her life.






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