(VIDEO): Woody Harrelson Keeps Giving the Modern Left More Reasons to Hate Him

Woody Harrelson has been a much-beloved actor since he appeared on America’s television screens on the hit show “Cheers.” His varied roles, ranging from hilariously comedic to intensely serious have earned him respect both inside and outside of Hollywood. It doesn’t hurt that his personality off-screen is charmingly detached from the mainstream.

Harrelson recently earned America’s respect again when he hosted Saturday Night Live and gave an opening monologue that would incite waves of controversy from the mainstream left and uproarious applause from everyone else.

Within the speech, Harrelson tells people he read the craziest script that contained a plot where the largest drug cartels in the world unite to buy up the media and the politicians and force people to stay locked up in their homes and can only come out if they take the cartel’s drugs in perpetuity. Obviously, Harrelson was speaking of the lunacy that was the pandemic lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations from the Biden administration.






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