Jennifer Garner appears with a seldom-seen son who has changed after being criticized for “looking like a female”

Jennifer Garner, the famous actress, was recently seen out in public with her youngest kid, Samuel Garner Affleck. During a romantic mother-son vacation, the two had the time of their lives, enjoying the view from court-side basketball seats at the Arena in Los Angeles. The two were there to see the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Golden State Warriors.

Jennifer and Samuel, both 11 years old, were spotted having fun as their home squad battled their opponents. One photograph captured the mother-son combination as they happily beamed up at a scoreboard, with Samuel pointing out something that clearly delighted him.

The mother and kid eagerly posed for photos, with Samuel proudly displaying his new hairdo. The young man had a typical short haircut with a prominent fringe. Earlier, Jennifer was publicly humiliated for letting her son’s hair grow unusually long.

Jennifer has a son named Samuel with her ex-husband, actor Ben Affleck. Jennifer and Ben married in 2005, but they divorced in 2018. They also have two daughters, Violet Garner Affleck, 17, and Seraphina Rose Garner Affleck, 17.

Users commented on an In Touch Weekly piece, saying things like, “I assumed this was a female!”

Jennifer wore a casual cashmere sweater, black jeans, and leather boots for the mother-son date. Her boy was dressed casually in a blue NBA sweatshirt, a blue shirt, casual pants, and sneakers. The two were engrossed in the game for most of the game until they were interrupted by an unexpected guest.

During the game, LeBron James, the famed basketball star, dropped by to greet the famous actress and her kid. As halftime came, LeBron found a moment to stop over, and Jennifer was spotted giving the sportsman a warm hug while standing on her toes.

Jennifer and Samuel appear to have trimmed his long hair after many online followers chastised the actress for letting her young kid grow his hair to about shoulder length. Despite the protests, Samuel’s parents initially seemed to let him wear anything he wanted.

Samuel was seen in public with both of his parents on multiple occasions in 2021. As people noticed the boy’s growing long hair, they began to share their thoughts, stating he looked like a girl. Several people were perplexed as to why his parents allowed him to grow his hair that long.

In February, Ben also took Samuel to an NBA game.

Users commented on an In Touch Weekly piece, saying things like, “I assumed this was a female!” One person suggested, “Get a haircut!” while another said, “I wouldn’t want anyone to mistake my son for a girl.”Another person felt it was appropriate to share their thoughts, expressing why they thought short hair suited guys better:

“I’m old school, short-haired boys and long-haired girls. I wouldn’t want my son misidentified as a daughter. When my girls were babies, they had no hair and were mistaken for boys, despite the fact that they were dressed in pink and ruffles.”

Despite the public outrage, Ben and Jennifer appeared to let their kid wear his hair however he saw fit. Despite the unfavorable feedback, many people agreed that the youngster looked excellent with his long hair. “I love his long hair,” one person said.

Samuel, the youngest of the Garner-Affleck children, is close to both his mother and father, even though his parents are no longer together. Ben and Samuel have been seen enjoying each other’s company and developing a close father-son relationship on multiple occasions.

Recently, the “Triple Frontier” actor was seen taking his son for a ride in his old Ford Bronco. In the mint-blue automobile, the two were pictured having a beautiful, calm day together. Previously, the two were seen together at sporting events.

In February, Ben also took Samuel to an NBA game. The father spent money on courtside seats, and it appears that the small youngster adores his basketball. After his divorce from Jennifer, Ben married Jennifer Lopez, merging his and her families.



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