(VIDEO)Singer started singing “You raise me up,” but the audience was surprised when 200 kids joined him

A gorgeous performance of one of my all-time favorite songs, “You Raise Me Up,” was recently the topic of an article. Several singers and artists have covered this song throughout the years.

The Irish-Norwegian duet “Secret Garden” was the inspiration for this song. They wrote and performed the song. Then, in 2002, they sang this song with Brian Kennedy, who had little success in the UK at the time.

Only Josh Groban’s rendition of this song proved successful in the United States. The song quickly became well-known and was widely covered, inspiring millions of people all around the world.

This song’s lyrics are emotional and ageless, which is one of the reasons it is such a smash success. This song has become so popular that it serves as the anthem for a Norwegian football team, has been used by multiple figure skaters, and is routinely played on television.

Because it is so touching, everybody can relate to it in terms of the individuals that nurtured, supported, and helped us through terrible times. We are grateful to them for assisting us in our success, which we now take for granted.

This song was recently performed by YouTube sensation Peter Hollens. He began the song by singing it himself. A huge group of excellent vocalists then joined the song.

Even though Peter’s voice is loud and magnificent on its own, the song becomes even more gorgeous and poignant when they all raise their voices at the same time. All of them sounded like angels. They all sing a cappella for a more dramatic and raw feel.

Check out this fantastic video:






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