Ryan Reynolds was asked if their fourth baby is a boy or a girl, and he answered in an interesting way

Ryan Reynolds has a lot on his plate these days. Or, as he puts it, now that Blake Lively has given birth to their fourth kid, he’s living in a “zoo” in his house. While the 46-year-old actor did not reveal whether the couple’s next baby is a boy or a girl (he had previously suggested that he was hoping for another daughter), he did provide a beautiful update on how Lively and the rest of his kids are doing right now.

“We’re really enthusiastic,” Reynolds stated during a recent Power Lunch appearance on CNBC. “Hey, we wouldn’t do it four times unless we loved it.”

“Everyone is doing fantastic. Everyone is doing fine,” continued Reynolds, who has three children with Lively: Betty, Inez, and James. “I suppose we’d be in big danger if we hadn’t worked it out by now.” But he did it anyhow because “it’s a zoo over here.”

In the same interview, CNBC anchor Kelly Evans inquired if the new baby was a boy or a girl, but Reynolds refused to answer. “I ain’t telling,” Reynolds chuckled.

Lively just posted on Instagram to announce the birth of their fourth child. But it wasn’t a formal birth announcement; rather, it was a snapshot of the Gossip Girl alum without a baby belly. She captioned the photo, “Puppy Bowl Sunday 2023,” and added the hashtag “#beenbusy.”


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The Lively-Reynolds family is now a zoo, but they’re accustomed to it and the uncertainty of life with kids.

“The morning ritual is completely random.” “There’s worry,” the Deadpool star stated in an interview in March 2022. “I lay awake at night and worried, ‘What’s going to happen to me in the morning? How will this play out? “Is one of these kids going to hit me?”

Now he’ll have to keep an eye out for a four-man army. In no time, their infant will be able to lift their own head.






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