(VIDEO): Dad catches his daughter dancing instead of doing homework, then steals the show

Homework. Ugh. Nothing may spoil a child’s day more than homework. They might be out with pals, at home watching movies, or doing something else—anything but schoolwork! Indeed, why should you obey your teacher when you can just dance?

The same notion occurred to this small lady. It would be a pity to squander such a beautiful day doing homework. It’s a vast mansion with a lot of room, and it’s dull, so… she gets up!

Play her favorite music!
As Bruno Mars’ now-classic single “Uptown Funk” starts playing, she lets it all hang out. To be honest, it’s difficult to hold back with this music. It’s so infectious and lively that even the most reserved person in the room would get up and dance.

She dances barefoot on the living room carpet, bouncing and twirling to the music in what appears to be an impromptu boredom dance, until her father finds her in the act.

Oh no. He appears to be unhappy. and quite rightly so. She should have been paying attention to her assignment. Dad’s voice arrives, initially flat and harsh. He’s wearing sunglasses and a helmet, so he’s either getting ready to ride his motorcycle or has just returned from a pleasant ride with his mates.

Dad goes ahead and chastises her for dancing around and not getting anything done. He continues by saying,

“If you’re going to dance, do it correctly!” Put the music back on. I’ll demonstrate how to accomplish it.”

What are you talking about? He’s also taking off his gloves! That helmet is gone!

He may be bald and bearded, but he has a sense of rhythm. Have a look at those warm-up exercises. Not what you’d expect from a man who appears to want to destroy anyone who gets in his way.

Motorcycle dad swings his hips while performing a full knee bend and squat dance.

For the camera, he even turns around and rattles his behind. She joins him, and they begin a fun-filled, high-energy dance that is a joy to watch by this point.

Just watch to believe them!

It’s just a silly time for dad and daughter. They both took a break from their hectic days and decided to let it all out with a dance.

One spectator wrote something prophetic:

“Awww, I already know they’ll have such an emotional father-daughter dance when she gets married in a few years!” Such a connection!

You never know; he could be correct. Yet she can go back and remember all those lovely little dances with her father. These were bizarre yet entertaining.

Below is a video of a father and his child dancing in between homework and a hectic day.






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