Twins Celebrate Their 80th Birthday with a Special Guest: Their 103-Year-Old Mother

Twins share an extraordinary bond, and numerous studies have highlighted the special connection they have with each other. This unique relationship not only brings them emotional support but may also contribute to their longevity. One remarkable example of this enduring bond is found in David Mosher and Winnie Mosher Merrill, twin siblings from Brunswick, Maine, who recently celebrated their 80th birthday together. However, the highlight of their celebration was the presence of their 103-year-old mother, Helen Mosher.

Surrounded by loved ones, David and Winnie blew out their birthday candles as their mother joyfully looked on. The moment was captured on video, allowing family and friends near and far to share in their happiness. Helen’s presence at her twins’ milestone birthday brought immense joy to the entire family, and it was undoubtedly one of the most memorable moments of her long and eventful life.

Born on September 17, 1915, in Vale, South Dakota, Helen experienced a rich and fulfilling journey. Tragically, after celebrating her twins’ 80th birthday, Helen passed away on December 16, 2019. In an obituary published by Central Maine, Helen’s life was beautifully chronicled. Described as a beloved matriarch, she was a source of grace, piety, and generosity to her extensive family, which consisted of more than 80 direct descendants.

Helen’s life unfolded against the backdrop of significant historical events, including the Great Depression and multiple wartime experiences, as her family made substantial contributions to the causes of their nation. After marrying Charles Mosher, her lifelong partner and love, Helen moved from Windsor to Benton Station, where they raised their family. Eventually, they settled in a home overlooking China Lake, where they spent their golden years surrounded by their growing family and hosting regular gatherings at their cottage on Pine Point.

In addition to David and Winnie, Helen was also survived by her eldest son, Richard. She was cherished for her deep appreciation of education, family history, and the cherished memories made during summers on China Lake. From the aroma of pine needles to the sound of screen doors slamming and her melodic humming resonating throughout the house, Helen’s presence filled their lives with love and warmth.

For David and Winnie, their 80th birthday celebration will forever hold a special place in their hearts as a cherished memory of their beloved mother.






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