Chuck Norris’ mother marks her 102nd birthday.

Chuck’s mother, who turned 102 this year, is still his strongest supporter.

Chuck Norris rose to fame in the 1970s as a martial arts master, belt-holder, and great actor. His most remarkable achievements, though, are as a dedicated father and a thankful spouse.

The great actor is never slow to praise Wilma Norris, the woman who gave him life. He praises his mother for being a family pillar and for raising him and his two brothers solely by her.

On Mother’s Day the previous year, the actor paid a heartfelt homage to his mother. He also mentioned his wife, Gena, emphasizing the importance of both ladies in his life. He stated, “I am eternally grateful to God for the influence of these two amazing women in my life.”

It’s worth noting that the Mother’s Day wish was just the icing on the cake. Chuck’s tribute to his mother, who celebrated her 100th birthday on the same day, was full of love and gratitude. “Mom, I love you!” he added. “Cheers to the next 100 years!”

Chuck previously revealed that his mother lives a life of prayer. Wilma prayed for his family’s future as well as his career future. Chuck stated: “She even prayed for me to find a woman who would change my life, and it worked.”

Wilma, unfortunately, never had it easy. She was born into great poverty and raised her three sons alone after their father abandoned them when they were young.

But she made certain that each of her sons had a happy life. In addition to prayers, the mother of three instilled fundamental virtues in her children. While raising her sons, she instilled in them the belief that no problem is impossible to solve.

Such convictions greatly impacted Chuck, as seen by his success as a highly proficient martial artist and important player in Hollywood.

The celebrity also looked after his family. He didn’t wander for money or fame. He married Gena in 1998, and the couple had children in 2001.

She was due for an MRI five years after first exhibiting symptoms of arthritis. As a result of her reaction to the treatment, she required 24-hour nursing care to recover.

Chuck walked right into the scenario. “Right now, keeping her alive is all I care about,” he admitted.

As a result of this experience, the family grew closer. Chuck became absorbed with love for his family rather than seeking a career because his family will always come first.

Chuck celebrates Wilma’s 102nd birthday.

Although a family man, Chuck is shown to respect his mother and is always ready to honor her whenever possible.

Chuck frequently expresses his love and admiration for his mother, emphasizing how vital she was to his career as an actor and father.

In May 2022, Norris’s mother turned 102, and her 82-year-old son posted a public post commemorating the family’s remarkable history. He shared a photo of the celebrant dressed in a yellow top with a high neck and brown sunglasses. The caption on the photo read:

“Happy birthday, Mom! Wow, 102 years old! There aren’t enough words to explain how much I love and appreciate you. We appreciate everything you’ve done for us over the many years God has blessed us to be a family.”

He’s never been shy in expressing his feelings towards his mother. Chuck has constantly thanked her and emphasized how she has prayed for him since he was a baby.

He stated, ” I almost died as a result of birth complications. When I was on the point of losing my soul to Hollywood a few decades ago, she was back at home praying for my prosperity and salvation.”

Wilma’s childhood was hardly nice. She grew up in a little town in Oklahoma. She was declared a state child at eight because she lived in terrible poverty.

Wilma, a little girl, spent two years in a children’s hospital receiving various treatments for her odd illness. The Oklahoma native formed a family as she grew older, with three kids, Chuck being the oldest. Ray, their father, served in the war and returned home with a missing limb and drinking problems.

Because of his drinking problem, he was unable to maintain a career. Unfortunately, Ray’s employers did not believe in him, and he failed to provide for his family.

Wilma eventually chose to take the boys to her mother’s residence in Wilson, Oklahoma. Chuck and his siblings were raised in the little town.

Even though raising a family during the Great Depression was challenging, Wilma succeeded because she never gave up on her loved ones or her beliefs.

The actor expressed to his followers how hopeful his mother is, stating she has shown unfathomable faith and tenacity. Wilma stayed calm in the face of adversity, including losing close ones and several health difficulties. He cracked a joke:

“Mom’s entire life has been a tribute to persistence and faith.” She has had to deal with these losses in addition to losing two husbands, a stepson, two grandchildren, and my younger brother Wieland in the Vietnam War. She has endured many fights with cancer and perhaps 30 surgeries for various issues, yet she is still living to tell her story.”

Wilma is eager to share her experiences and pass them on to the next generation.

During a heart-to-heart discussion with Mike Huckabee on his show in 2012, Wilma mentioned how Chuck matured quickly to provide a better example for his children.

When asked about her parenting secrets, she admitted that she took kids to church regularly and that they always followed prayer time. The centenarian emphasized the importance of her spiritual life.

Her advice to prospective parents was to “shower them with affection. Bring them to church and Sunday services. However, as you can see, God did not provide us with our children. He only lent them to us temporarily.”

Chuck frequently expresses his love and admiration for his mother, emphasizing how vital she was to his career as an actor and father. She did instill values that time, money, and family could never take away.






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