Matthew McConaughey’s older son Levi, who looks just like his father, made a rare outing with his mother

In 2023, Matthew McConaughey and his wife of ten years, Camila Alves, will have three children: Levi, then 14, Vida, 13, and Livingston, 10. In 2020, the actor admitted that he did not raise his children in the same manner as his parents did.

He did, however, clarify that he was not passing judgment on how his parents raised him. The actor from “Dazed and Confused” said he chose to have more dialogue than his parents and grandparents did.

Matthew stated that he and Alves spent more time explaining themselves to their children. He said how he’d invite his children to argue things, and his mother would complain about how much they spoke!

At his Red Table Talk appearance in November 2021, the actor confessed that he wasn’t a “perfect” parent, but he took inventory swiftly when he realized his words had been harsh. He also had a different approach to imparting the same principles to his children than his parents did.

Matthew saw that his parents came from a time when, when children questioned “why,” their parents would say, “Because I said so.” He also disclosed that in his family, if he got into trouble, he was never grounded since his mother thought it would take time away from him, which was an important commodity.

Instead, the actor received a pounding. Alves’ husband recently admitted that he joyfully accepted the job of parenthood since it was the only thing he’d ever wanted to be and had remained his peak, adding:

“Having a father was always my main ambition… Nothing is more significant in my opinion.”

When it came to the sort of parents Matthew’s children had, they looked to have won the lottery. Yet, in order to become a better parent, their father had to overcome several barriers related to his own childhood and the pain associated with it.

The Red Table Talk interview says that Matthew’s parents believed in “tough love” and sometimes beat him and his siblings to teach them things. The actor revealed that he was beaten up when he was 10 for sporting a Cracker Jack tattoo.

When he originally threatened to flee, his parents packed his belongings for him. The actor stated that he learned to swim when his mother tossed him into the Llano River, where he would either float down the rocky waterfall or make his way back to the bank.

But the love he got from his parents was genuine, “bloody at times,” and never in doubt. Matthew described how he was never hurt, but how the beatings ingrained principles in him.

His first beating was for not responding to his name; his second was for replying “I can’t” instead of indicating he was having problems; his fourth was for lying; and his fifth was for shouting “I hate you” to his brother. He discovered that every time he got into trouble, it was because he deserved it.

In 2023, Alves’ husband, 53, grew up in South Texas and agreed that his parents’ actions toward him may be seen as abuse, but he didn’t view it that way. The Oscar winner admitted to being terrified as a youngster when the episodes occurred.

Yet he never questioned his parents’ love for him and his brothers after that. His traumatic childhood tales were detailed in his 2020 memoir, “Greenlights,” which was based on his diary entries from the previous 36 years, with him stating:

“I narrate these terrible, unpleasant, and often brutal stories.”

Matthew said that he told his stories because they were the times in his life when he fell in love. But it was also a period when love was most tested and unbeatable.

Someone else concurred that the adolescent [Levi McConaughey] appeared “much older.”

He didn’t regard his parents as abusive, and he thought it was unfair for someone who was rational and aware of what had happened to claim it was. He wasn’t in denial, and neither were his parents, so he didn’t think it was fair for outsiders to suggest he was a victim.

Whether or not Matthew was mistreated, his parenting style seemed to work for his family and children. His eldest child, an adolescent who resembled his father, was already a teenager.

During Paris Fashion Week in 2023, Levi and Vida paid Alves, then 41, a visit. The elder McConaughey children were permitted to attend the Stella McCartney Womenswear Autumn Winter 2023–2024 fashion presentation.

On March 7, 2023, an Instagram account published rare images of the children, demonstrating how grown up they were. One admirer commented on the photo, saying that “no paternity test was required” for Levi, while another said:

“He looks just like his father.”

A third individual concurred, saying Levi resembled Matthew. Another Instagram account posted a snapshot of the actor and his oldest curly-haired child side by side, prompting one fan to comment that Levi “does not look 14!”

Someone commented that the adolescent appeared “much older.” Another fan stated that Levi resembled his renowned actor father and that their similarity in the photograph was unmistakable and eerie.






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