Robert De Niro spoke openly about his father’s problems, saying, “I wish we had spoken about it much more”

Robert De Niro is a great actor who has done a lot for the movie business. He is respected by many people for his work. While his on-screen talents had captivated audiences for decades, he also discovered that his father had been suffering in silence because of his homosexuality. De Niro’s father was not particularly forthcoming about his sexual orientation. A secret he wishes might have been discussed more openly. After his father’s death, the actor has been open about his father’s life. In 2014, he launched a documentary on his life called Remembering the Artist, with the goal of promoting a more inclusive society.

Robert De Niro grew up in a world that was significantly different from the one we know now. The LGBTQ community has been through the worst of all judgments, and while discrimination still exists today, the worst is over. De Niro felt a personal connection to their hardships, owing to the fact that his own father was gay. De Niro Sr., on the other hand, was not quite comfortable being upfront about it.

For the majority of his life, Robert De Niro, Sr. kept this aspect of himself hidden. Even his own son, the well-known cinematic actor Robert De Niro, was kept in the dark. In an interview, he stated that he hoped his father could be more open about his sexual orientation. “I wasn’t aware of much of it,” De Niro said. “But I wish we had talked about it more. My mother didn’t want to talk about anything in particular, and you’re not interested at a certain age. Again, I want my children to pause for a moment and know that sometimes you have to do things now rather than later because later might be 20 years later — and that’s too late.”

Robert De Niro Sr. died in 1993. He’d kept diaries his whole life, and the four of them were loaded with self-expressions he was too embarrassed to discuss in public. As a result, when they were published, De Niro Jr. was apprehensive to read them. In other words, he was aware that his father’s remarks would be painful. The agony he was unaware of. He did, however, read one of the published portions. “That was sad for me to read,” he remarked. He had demons… “I apologized.”

“till I am cured of my mental and emotional disease,” the passages say. If God does not want me to be gay (something I am really ashamed of), he will locate a lady whom I will love and who will love me. But I don’t want to be healed of my homosexuality.

“I am terrified… of the discomfort generated by my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I’ve left so much out of my journal… My laments, wailings, self-pity, and whining are far more extensive than I have stated here.

A documentary on Robert De Niro’s father, Robert De Niro Sr., is currently in the works. It will give some insight into his mid-twentieth-century experiences as a gay artist. Robert De Niro Jr. and his wife Grace Hightower will produce the picture. Their goal is to pay tribute to De Niro’s heritage and achievements in the art world.

They also want to bring attention to the problems that LGBTQ+ people had to deal with during that time. The documentary will look at De Niro Sr. and how he affected his son’s activism for the LGBTQ+ community. It will include old videos, personal letters, and interviews with people who knew him.

“If you’re going to do something, you have to finish it,” De Nero Jr. remarked of the documentary. “You can’t keep anything hidden. That is the point—the truth. It is what draws people in. I should have done this ten years ago, but I’m glad I didn’t.”






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