As “The Sound of Silence” Starts Playing, Ice Skaters Instantly Start Making It Their Own Music, Wowing The Audience…

Figure skating partners Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres are from the country of France.

In the competition for the World Team Trophy held by the International Skating Union in Japan in 2017, they performed their performance to the timeless song “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel.

There are athletes that are exceptional at what they do, wow viewers with their technical routines as well as their physical accomplishments.

Then there are athletes whose performances have reached the level of an actual art form, taking them to an even higher level. This was the situation with the French figure skating pair Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres as they were doing their routine at the World Team Trophy competition in Japan, which was hosted by the International Skating Union.

They skated onto the rink nonchalantly, greeting the spectators with waves and leisurely gliding around the ice in erratic arcs as they made their way to their starting positions. The audience may not have been aware that this was not going to be a typical performance due to the fact that the performers were not dressed traditionally.

Morgan wore a baggy black blouse and jeans, while Vanessa wore a skin-tight black bodysuit made of a shimmering material.

A appearance that is reminiscent of ballroom dance, complete with flowing costumes, sequins, and abundant color, is often chosen by partners competing in figure skating competitions. The outfits worn by Vanessa and Morgan stood in sharp contrast to each other.

The crowd made the connection between the dark clothes and the sad song as soon as the first gloomy, muted notes of Disturbed’s haunting performance of Simon and Garfunkel’s classic The Sound of Silence rang through the stadium.

On the other hand, the hue that matched had another function. Vanessa and Morgan looked to easily follow one other’s moves and cadence as they skated; at times when they moved near to one another, they virtually merged into one another.

The choreography flawlessly mimicked the delicate motions of each individual performer.

The couple looked to have been engrossed in the performance and the occasion; they were in such perfect sync with one another that they were able to figure out where each other was on the ice without even exchanging a glance.

As soon as they were one, Morgan lifted Vanessa as if she were not carrying any weight at all.

Often, he would support her aloft with one hand as they spun, and she would softly hold onto his shoulder or arm. Their dance motions were fluid, methodical, forceful, and elegant, and they were perfectly in sync with the gloomy chords that were being played.

It came as no surprise to everyone that the pair came in first place. Several people, while watching them, have speculated that a portion of their great chemistry may be attributed to a love relationship that occurred off the rink.

But, the two people have never discussed anything else save the close bond that exists between them.

They have collaborated for over a decade, so it is possible that the many hours they have spent practicing together are solely responsible for the almost telepathic connection and profound trust that they exude when they are on stage.






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