Jason Mamoa is hardly recognizable after shaving off his signature long hair

Aquaman’s hair has been shorn. Jason Momoa cut off his trademark long hair, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. On the one hand, I’m not familiar with Momoa, and he chopped his hair to raise awareness about the risks of single-use plastics. His personal grooming decisions are none of my concern, and his haircut has already raised public awareness of this vital topic. On the other hand, I’m highly engaged in some celebs’ hairdeit’s fine; my therapist is aware and has admired Momoa’s unusually well-hydrated waves since his small but significant stint on Game of Thrones. I’m at a loss for words now that Khal Drogo has short hair. What would his Khaleesi have to say?

Momoa released footage of his massive cut on Instagram Reels, which made me gasp and feel a little dizzy. The Dune star appeared on television with his scalp notably barer than normal in the video, which was posted on Tuesday, September 6. Momoa welcomed the audience with a nonchalant “Aloha, everyone,” before holding out two complete tresses that had been chopped from his head. It was a lot for me, to be honest, but Momoa simply kept talking as someone with clippers continued to give Aquaman a regular-dude haircut.

Momoa went on to explain that he was getting the dramatic hair makeover to raise awareness about the issue of single-use plastics and the damage they’re doing to the planet’s seas. “I’ve never even felt the breeze right there,” he said casually as if he hadn’t completely upended my world. In his tweet, the 43-year-old actor mentioned Mananalu Water, the certified plastic-negative water bottle brand he created.

While this haircut is certainly striking, it’s been a long time since Momoa has veered from his distinctive, long hairdo. In fact, the actor hasn’t been seen with his hair this short since the early 2000s. Here he is in 2000, with extremely short hair, at a Seventeen magazine party:

Momoa looks to have spent the following several years growing out some golden, blond locs, which I won’t comment on other than to say that if there was ever a moment to embrace one’s surfer vibes through this specific hairdo, it was 2004.

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Momoa had a lob with his natural, wavy hair texture by 2011, and the rest, as they say, is history. Over the past ten years, the actor’s long, flowing hair has been a familiar sight on both big and small screens. His latest haircut is a clear sign that an era is coming to an end.

Based on all this research, I think Momoa will still be ruggedly handsome with or without his long hair, but I’m still shocked, which suggests that Momoa’s haircut was a good way to protest. I already avoid single-use plastics, but I cannot imagine being able to look at a plastic fork or water bottle without feeling nauseous and imagining my favorite long-haired celebrity holding two disembodied braids.






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