The View Hosts Laugh About Joy Bahar Falling On Stage

The View Hosts Laugh About Joy Bahar Falling On Stage

Joy Behar fell on stage when she missed her chair months ago during an episode of ‘The View’ and now the co-hosts are joking about it again after seeing Mitch McConnell freeze like an icicle in front of a podium. The American Tribune reported on Joy Behar falling offering some quotes from the co-hosts and that report said:
The discussion of her fall began when the co-hosts and their guest watched the incident where Mitch McConnell froze at the podium, with Goldberg saying, “I mean, that is scary, that is scary to watch.” That’s when Behar chimed in and brought up her fall, saying, “He’s not well. He keeps falling too. Remember when I fell on stage?”

Whoopi then started the joking about the incident, saying, “I do! I wasn’t even going to bring it up.” Behar claimed, “I don’t care,” though that was quickly belied by her reaction into the giggling that came when she said the swivel chair was at fault. “You act like it’s not true!” Behar snapped while they laughed at her after she claimed, “Why? My tush missed the seat! That’s all.

I was trying and the thing swung and I went down.”






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