Nadia Suleman, from California, gave birth to 8 babies at once. Click the link below to see how they look today

In 2009, a woman called Nadia Suleman from California set a record by giving birth to eight children at the same time.

When this happened, people started calling Nadia “supermom” and “eight-mother.” The main reason for this is that she had previously given birth to six children, including twins, before the birth of her eighth child.

Family life is difficult since my mother does not receive appropriate government support, despite the help she receives from our neighbors and friends.

Initially, the family generated significant revenue by appearing in reality shows that were shot particularly for this family, but such offers from viewers became a smaller and smaller fraction of the family’s total income over time.

Furthermore, Suleman was dealt a difficult hand by society. It got to the point where the family house had to be auctioned off due to the million-dollar debt that had accrued.

Despite this, Nadia was finally able to repair her reputation. Suleman, the youngest kid, is eleven years old, while Suleman, the eldest child, is nineteen.

Here’s a link to the video:






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