Family shares miraculous update on 10-year-old girl in coma after boat crash – ‘she’s awake’

This is the miraculous story of a 10-year-old girl named Rielynn Martin who was involved in a boat crash and ended up in a coma, but somehow, managed to survive.

The scary occurrence took place on on Memorial Day, May 25, when two boats, including the one in which Rielynn and her family were, collided. The collision forced the girl to flow off the boat and hit the propeller of the other boat.

“We went out to the lake for Memorial (Day) Weekend [and] we go to the lake a lot. My kids love outdoors,” Rielynn’s father, Chad Martin, explained.

Following the accident, the girl was transferred to the hospital. “It crushed her skull, it is embedded in her brain. So, she had actual damaged pieces in her brain. They got that situated and put a plate in there, bolted it [and] fixed the bad part of the skull,” Chad said.

“I want prayers, prayers are everything. Prayer is what got my daughter to where she’s at now. Medical bills are gonna be tough, I think out the roof. I got another daughter to support, it’s gonna be tough,” the devastated dad added.

Rielynn underwent an emergency surgery but was placed on a ventilator because she was unable to breathe on her own and was effective in a coma.

According to the doctors, her chances of waking up were dull, but this girl proved to be a hero and fought for herself as hard as she could, and now a miracle regarding her health condition is on the way, her parents say.

On her Facebook page titled “Rally for Rielynn,” her mom and dad shared an update which made people happy. According to it, Rielynn started breathing on her own and is now off life support.

“She’s awake!! On command! Answering questions and following directions. She recognized all of us. We turned off her vent so she’s also breathing on her own. I took off her sock and told her to wiggle her toes and she did… daddy asked if she wanted her sock back on and she shook her head yes!! That girl and her dogs.”

Although this is happy news, Rielynn’s family is aware that there is a long was of recovery ahead of them.

In order to help them with the medical expenses, a GoFundMe page has been set up.

We truly hope for the best outcome and pray for a speedy recovery of this beautiful girl.

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