The actor Liam Neeson praised his son’s decision to honor his late mother by changing his surname, calling it a “kind gesture…”

Liam Neeson is an Irish actor who has been acknowledged as being one of the best cinema actors to have emerge from Ireland. In addition to being an outstanding actor, he is a devoted member of his family. Regretting the losses of various members of his family, including his late wife Natasha Richardson, has presented Neeson with a number of obstacles and difficulties, which are unfortunately unavoidable.

The romance between Neeson and Richardson was quite touching to see. They first started dating in 1993, and a year later, in 1994, they were married. They were blessed with two boys, Micheál and Daniel.

For sixteen lovely years, they lived together as a loving family, until in 2009, disaster befell them all. Richardson had a brain damage and passed away as a result of the accident that occurred when she fell and banged her head while on a ski vacation with one of her boys.

The passing of Richardson brought unimaginable suffering to every member of the family. Micheál, the couple’s kid, recently paid the ultimate respect to his mother by adopting the Richardson surname in place of the Neeson one he was born with. Micheál has made some positive changes in his life and is even following in the footsteps of his renowned parents by pursuing a career in the acting profession.

In 2013, Micheál made his first appearance on screen in the film “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” He also had a fashion gallery in London in the year 2015, so it’s quite obvious that he’s into a wide variety of artistic and cultural expressions. In addition, he has roles in the movies “Vox Lux” (2018), in which he co-starred with Natalie Portman, and “On Our Way” (2021).

In an interview with the Today Show, Micheál said that his mother was his angel and that he considers himself fortunate to have spent as much time with her as he did.

“She was a wonderful, kind, and wonderful mother figure who was also my closest friend. When either my family or her returned home, she always greeted us with the most incredible and heartfelt greetings.”

He added, “I believe that as I grow older, keeping my mum more in mind and doing things to respect her enables me to remember her and to to go through the loss and to properly recover.”

Neeson was quoted as saying, “I believe he did the right thing. He does not have to carry the burden of my surname, isuppose that I might be considered a celebrity in certain circles.”

No matter how much time passes after Richardson’s passing, her family will never get over the loss of their loved one.



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