Garth Brooks’ Home Town Church Excommunicates Him: “Our Values No Longer Align”

The hits keep coming for Garth Brooks. The Bud Light and diversity controversy just won’t end.

First, it was the concert in Texas. Then the rest of his tour. Guy Fieri. Toby Keith. This time his church has excommunicated him. There are no safe spaces for Garth Brooks. Not even church.

He and Trisha Yearwood attended the Pentecostal church in Nutbush, Tennessee for over 2 decades. Trisha had sung in the choir several times.
It came as a shock to them as they’ve been members in good standing for as long as they can remember. This is yet another blow to the country music superstar who’s fallen from grace in the last month.

Garth Brooks church, Beaver Lick Christian Church in Tennessee, just had enough and couldn’t take anymore. Beaver Lick’s pastor the most reverend Joseph Barron, explained that “Garth’s recent statements in the media just don’t align with our values here”. Beaver Lick is a very high-energy church, people are coming all of the time. “Jesus will always be our climax, not some country star,” Barron said.

“Beaver Lick Christian Church takes their members to glorious highs, we love when our male members sing the hymns and the women members scream and shout to the lord!” exclaimed Barron, who has headed the church since 2019. “There’s a lot of gushing, speaking in tongues, here we do not toy with making our parishioners feel full of the pleasure of the Lord”

Garth Brooks could not be reached for comment as he is on the road, headed back to Hambriston Texas for the 325th annual pig roast bbq concert being held there. Let’s hope this turns out better than the last time. God bless America.







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