A three-year-old horse whisperer sings a wonderful lullaby that melts the hearts of the herd.

Check out this endearing video of 3-year-old Myf singing to her two horse friends, Chester and Teddy.

Three-year-old “Myf” is drawn to horses by nature.
This little horse whisperer only needs to climb a nearby post and start singing.

The horses on her family’s property take off in a matter of seconds, eager to see her performance. Her biggest supporters are the horses, Teddy and Chester.

The two horses are overjoyed to discover that the song of the day is “We Are the World.”. They prefer that one. They have trouble staying awake because the music has such a hypnotic effect on them.

Myf is cherished by her wonderful horse friends with a purest form of love that breaks my heart. Even while they are sleeping soundly, they rest their faces on hers.

They will leave quickly. Myf will be right there by the horses’ sides when they wake up, ready to show them some love and care.







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