The woman who arrived at the emergency room with a terrible stomach ache

An Indian doctor believes he was at the height of his career when he had to remove a staggering 11,950 gallstones from a patient. It could be a world record, right?

A woman arrived at the hospital after suffering from stomach pains that became unbearable. The doctor started examining her very well to find out the cause, but he was really shocked.

Dr. Makhan Lala Saha, a gastrointestinal endo surgeon, had to remove the stones from the gall bladder of Minati Mondal, 51, in a milestone surgery.

Mondal has been suffering from chronic stomach pain for over 2 months. After she was rushed to the hospital, doctors found she was suffering from severe cases of gallstones.

Dr. Saha was the one who operated on the woman and said he expected to find a large number of stones, but was shocked to see that their number exceeded 5,000. The operation lasted about an hour, and the nurses spent more than 4 hours counting the extracted stones, which were between 2mm and 5mm in size.

This number of extracted stones could be a new world record. The doctor said he had done more research and found that the only number that came close was 3,110 stones removed stones from a German patient’s gall bladder in the UK in 1983.

However, the doctor believes that he has far exceeded this number.

Mondal was discharged and went home to recover from surgery.

Gallstones are small stones, usually made of cholesterol, that form in the gallbladder. These are common in patients and are estimated to affect one in ten patients, but in most cases they do not need to be treated and have no symptoms.






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