An Australian model claims she is having trouble finding employment.

Why? She believes it’s because she has tattoos on 99% of her body. The media has mostly focused on Queensland-born Amber Luke’s tattoos and other physical alterations.

The tattooed model was mentioned by Brisbane radio hosts Robin, Terry, and Kip as follows:

“My chances of finding work have decreased, but I won’t sugarcoat that; it’s okay. I don’t want to work for a company that is superficial and doesn’t see beyond my appearance, my opinion. My work ethic, morality, ideals, or whatever else I have to give won’t be taken into account.”

It’s challenging for a model with extensive tattoos to get stable employment.
Unfortunately, direct opinions have been expressed quite a bit.

Beauty is defined differently by each individual. These civilizations, where people extend their lips, ears, and necks, are visible. But in the end, it’s okay since each of us is entitled to our own opinions.

However, the thing that truly annoys me is when someone approaches me in public and says, “Oh, you’re ugly,” or “You’ve ruined yourself.” “It is quite disheartening to know that someone can voice such a strong opinion without facing any repercussions.”

The tattooed lady went on to say that none of her ink has hurt anyone or caused any injuries. Despite the model’s admirers’ requests for her to quit putting tattoos on herself, she now feels accomplished. She asserts that the cost of her physical changes has been totally justified because she has shown to be highly robust.

However, the procedure wasn’t painless. Luke alleges that as she tattooed her eyeballs, she sobbed vivid blue tears. She then got a tattoo of it on her chest to help her remember it.

Contrary to what she claims, she wasn’t put off by getting her eyeballs tattooed. Since then, she has had numerous changes made to her body, including butt lifts and breast augmentation.

Major surgery was performed on Amber Luke.

In 2020, Amber shared a photo of herself before she changed. It goes without saying that this sparked a ton of conversation on Instagram.

The caption read, “We’ve all got to start somewhere, I was like this when I was 18 years old. I was catatonically sad, suicidal, and a walking dead girl. It was cold. Most of the time, I hated myself terribly. It made me hurt. I’ve entirely transformed into a person I’m now proud of. I’m a strong woman who is well aware of who she is and what she wants.”

She also discussed the challenging process she underwent to get tattoos on her eyeballs.

“The best I can say is that once the ink had reached my eyeball, it felt as if the tattoo artist had rubbed ten shards of glass in it. I couldn’t even begin to describe how that felt to you.”

“That happened four times per eye, which was very brutal. Unfortunately, my artist got too close to my eyeball. Unless something went wrong with the eyeball operation, you shouldn’t lose any vision. I was in the dark for three weeks. That was really severe.”

Another body modification that she enjoys on this tattooed woman is her teeth. She thinks they highlight her dragon eyes.

“Holy c***, it’s so frosty and blinged up, and I’m so thrilled about everything I’ve done to my teeth,’ I think to myself as I gaze at my mouth right now. After a month, I wasn’t happy with how small my fangs were after getting them lengthened and sharpened. I had to pay an extra $1,000 AUD to get them extended and sharpened because my private health insurance didn’t cover me as much as it did the first time.”

“My VVS white gold permanent teeth are fixed next to my fang. It cost me $5,000 AUD and had a flawless pave polish for just one tooth.”







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