Reclusive Gene Hackman, 93, looks well in his first appearance in years.

Talk about good Genes.

Hollywood veteran Gene Hackman demonstrated that he is still in excellent condition by mowing the lawn at his estate in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The “Unforgiven” star, who turned 93 in January, was in good shape as he held a shovel at his homestead.

The two-time Oscar winner was seen earlier in the day refueling for hard labor at a nearby Wendy’s when he placed an order through the drive-thru.

Before filling petrol at a nearby station, hungry Hackman devoured his chicken sandwich in the fast food chain’s parking lot.

It was a rare opportunity to witness the retired and secretive actor who last appeared in the 2004 comedy “Welcome to Mooseport.”

Hackman has long avoided the glare of Hollywood, despite being one of the industry’s top actors and having roles in timeless films like “The French Connection,” “The Conversation,” “Superman,” “Hoosiers,” and “The Royal Tenenbaums.”

The father of three, who has spent his whole life in New Mexico with his pianist wife Betsy Arakawa, does not participate in interviews, with the exception of those with The Post.

In his first interview in ten years, which he gave to The Post in late 2021, Hackman discussed his “checkered career of hits and misses.”

The star said, “The film certainly helped me in my career, and I am grateful for that,” when speaking on the occasion of “The French Connection’s” 50th anniversary. “The French Connection” was a smash successful movie for which he received his first Best Actor Oscar in 1972.

The relatable actor continued by saying that he didn’t enjoy viewing his own movies again and hadn’t seen the classic criminal caper since 1971.

In an interview with The Post, he said, “I haven’t watched the movie since the initial screening in a dark, cramped viewing room in a post-production company’s facility 50 years ago.

Hackman moved to Santa Fe in the 1980s after living in affluent Montecito, California.

The actor has collaborated in the design and construction of more than 10 residences, including a mansion in New Mexico that was highlighted in Architectural Digest.

The actor has been busy authoring books since leaving Hollywood, including the 2013 police thriller “Pursuit.”

Hackman also enjoys cycling, a pastime he has continued into his 90s and which helps to keep him in good shape.

The actor was biking in Florida in 2012 when he was hit by a pickup truck. He was taken to the hospital by helicopter and recovered fully.







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