At the age of 69, a woman undergoes a stunning makeover metamorphosis.

Susan was slim and tall as a child and has struggled with her appearance for the past 69 years. She has struggled with her weight her entire life and has never found a style that truly fits her.

Susan spent most of her time before becoming a mother pursuing a career in healthcare. She married at the age of 23 and divorced 37 years later. She has emphasized herself in her later years and desires a new look.

Susan is transformed from head to toe in this video by the Makeover Guy. The ultimate effect is a completely transformed Susan who is happy with her appearance and accepts her age.

The Makeover Guy analyzes Susan’s body, head, hair, face, color, and style using his patented system to improve her entire appearance. To achieve the best look, each measure is examined independently.

When the study is finished, The Makeover Guy outlines the aims for each component and what products can be used to fix problems. He suggests various wardrobe options that will enhance Susan’s natural figure and improve her posture.

Her hair and cosmetics have been adjusted to complement her heart-shaped face. Choosing a higher volume and height haircut balances her profile and raises her facial features.

The final reveal incorporates all of the Makeover Guy’s recommendations, and the end result is magnificent. When her partner sees her in her new outfit and hairstyle, he is speechless. Another successful transformation by The Makeover Guy!







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