‘Survivor’ winner offers $1 million prize to aid veterans in need: “There are those who are in more need of that money…”

Mike Gabler, a heart valve specialist who is 52 years old and from from Kingswood, Texas, was just selected as the Sole Survivor of the 43rd season of the long-running reality television program Survivor.

He is the first Survivor winner to declare his intentions to give his prize of one million dollars to a charitable organization. Mike has expressed his intention on more than one occasion to donate his award money to veterans who are in need of it.

Since he has been declared the winner of the program, he now has the opportunity to put this strategy into action.

Mike claims that he is “lucky enough to come from a military family,” despite the fact that his family does not have a lot of money. Mike had a conversation with a close buddy who also happened to be a veteran before he agreed to appear on the program. What would he do if he won Survivor, his buddy asked him?

It sparked some reflection in Mike. He has worked hard to establish a solid financial foundation and has a few of years left until he can retire. The award money will undoubtedly be helpful in paying for the property as well as the further education of his children.

However, given all that is going on in the globe at the moment, Mike is unable to accept the money with good conscience. He cannot turn a blind eye to the veterans who are in need of assistance.

A significant number of the males in his life, including his father, uncles, and many of the male classmates he had in high school, served in the military.

Mike claims that the other veterans kept him going through those trying and lengthy days when he wanted to give up and give in to exhaustion.

These veterans are the ones he looks up to as heroes. Mike’s heart is warmed by the chance to assist them with this substantial financial gift despite the fact that he was never enlisted in the military.






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