Three women start singing ‘Delta Dawn’ – A fourth member appears out of nowhere, and it’s magical.

Many people believe that country music is only for Americans, but I’ll tell you what: it’s enjoyed all over the world, and all of the country classics that we Americans love are equally appreciated by everyone else. That’s just plain old country music for you.

“Delta Dawn” is one of the most remembered and beloved traditional country tunes, yet it is rarely heard. Alex Harvey initially performed it and included it on his 1971 album Alex Harvey, The Songwriter.

Tanya Tucker released the song a year later, and its popularity skyrocketed. It was not only a country music smash, but it also worked as a crossover song. It is now ranked 72nd on the Billboard Hot 100 all-genre chart.

Tanya scored her first country hit when she was 13 years old, in 1972. Tucker went on to become one of the few child performers to reach adulthood without losing her fans, and she amassed a remarkable string of Top Ten and Top 40 songs during her career.

In this video, three female vocalists begin harmonizing together, but the song’s effect is amplified when a fourth woman joins the group halfway through. Courtney Clarke is the main artist at the School Spectacular that year.

As the temperature rises, the strength of the performance climbs. Courtney invites the audience to participate in the event by saying, “Everybody.”

This classic county rendition eventually wins over the audience, who sings and claps along until the spectacular finish. Don’t be surprised if you end yourself participating. It’s quite difficult to resist!

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