When the grandmother learns she will live with her grandson, she sobs.

While his grandma has been in mind as Matthew Stewart builds his new home, she is unaware of this. She will therefore be in for a great surprise when they go for a drive.

Matthew and grandma Bobbe, as he loves to call her, are seen driving up to a construction site in a video on Instagram that has gained a lot of attention and had over 100k views and 25k likes.

Matthew casually remarks that “your sitting room is going to be upfront right there” and that “her bedroom is going to be in the back” while they are sitting in the car in front of a house.

Grandma Bobbe is speechless and merely gestures toward the home while requesting if it would happen immediately. She simply states that she is delighted that someone desires her despite her overwhelming state.

Matthew responds in a funny exchange between his grandmother and grandson, “Of course, we want you… I guess.” The grandma, who is well-known online, simply chuckles and suggests that she has packed and is prepared to move into their new home.

There are a ton of videos of the grandmother and the two acting snarky about one another on the “GB and ME” Instagram page. Mathew simply tells her that he loves her in another touching video.

She tells her grandson that she could not love him any more and that he is like her own son since she is so moved by his love.

They reaffirm their love for one another as they both start to become emotional towards the video’s conclusion. Nothing can make your day more joyful than a grandmother’s affection, in all honesty.








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