Pastor takes two abandoned orphans and has three kids.

Every child is deserving of a family and a home. Many of them don’t have one either.

Chef Mark Purcell of the Pasco Metropolitan Ministry was wrapping things up when he saw two dolls on top of a pile of trash in the hallway.

He barely paid it any attention. He believed he suddenly saw one of the dolls move. He got closer and saw that it wasn’t dolls, but rather two young brothers.

The infants were left outside in their diapers during a cold spell. The oldest brother was around two years old, while the younger brother was about six months old.

He immediately dialed the warmly welcome preacher. When Mark dropped the kids off, the pastor’s wife and his home were quite gracious.

The pastor and his wife had spotted the two boys’ parents out and about. When they first met, the homeless couple threatened to have the social worker place the infants in a foster home unless they were adopted.

The pastor and his wife, who are already parents to three children, fervently adopted the children and are now giving them a secure and loving home.



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