Mom glows with happiness as the infant raises his hands in praise.

Sadie Robertson, who first made an appearance in Duck Dynasty on A&E as a teenager, is now an adult. Since then, she has written books, given motivational speeches to Christians, and become a new mother to a lovely baby girl named Honey.

This video depicts infant Honey raising her hands high during a recent worship service at the church Sadie and her husband attend. Like mother, like daughter.

Sadie is holding her infant in front of her as the worship team and the congregation sing Brandon Lake’s “House of Miracles” in the background. As she sings along, Honey exuberantly raises her hand in the air. She focusses on her task at hand while beaming broadly.

Sadie’s face shines with maternal love as she appears to be genuinely shocked by her daughter’s display of reverence.

“The overwhelming joy and awe that I felt in church today as I watched Honey begin to express herself in worship is something I hope I never forget,” Sadie writes of the priceless moment in her original Instagram post.

As she and her husband raise their daughter, Sadie says she is happy to be a member of a community of Christians and is inspired to watch her daughter witness Christ-like examples.

Sadie currently runs her own podcast and helps other Christians become closer to God.






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