Fact-Check: TRUE! – Tesla is Suing the Crap Out of Alyssa Milano

Internet sources claim that Elon Musk filed a $200 million lawsuit against Alyssa Milano for defamation. The suit, on behalf of Tesla, is in response to Milano’s public disparagement of the brand.
After extensive research into the rumors of Tesla v Milano, we rate this claim as True.

Musk is, in fact, suing both Alyssa Milano on behalf of Tesla and Kathy Griffin in a personal action. Griffin could face complete financial ruin if Musk wins.
Musk’s mother, Alonda Musk-Jenner, started the ball rolling on the lawsuits when she publicly demanded people stop being mean to her boy. Elon took that to heart and decided to make his aging mom proud. “I don’t care how much it costs me as long as I ruin my enemy. Mum won’t have it any other way.”

Milano’s lawyers say they don’t plan to bother showing up and will instead send an intern to argue for the “ridiculous” case to be dismissed. “‘She said mean things about me’ doesn’t quite cut it in legal terms. He has to demonstrate real damage from the incident. And not emotional damage. Actual monetary damage.”
Musk’s layers in return argue that Milano’s friends have also boycotted the brand on her lead, costing the company not only 174 sales per model year but also its reputation. “Everything with Musk’s name on it lost its reputation,” Milano quipped back on Twitter, “he’s a big baby man-child who should go solve world hunger instead of buying guaranteed viewership on a social media platform.”
Ouch. Looks like Alyssa Milano believes she’s the boss. We’ll find out.

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