Photo shows teen helping elderly blind woman cross the street & I think he deserves our recognition

This 15-year-old kid and his younger sister deserve full credit for seeing an elderly woman in need and volunteering to assist her.

Dontarius Caldwell was playing phone games with his younger sister Diamond while waiting for the school bus when his sister spotted a woman fumbling to hit the crosswalk button.

His sister informed her elder brother that she believed the woman was blind and that he should go and assist her. What he didn’t anticipate was that his acts would be captured on video and broadcast throughout the country.

She told Dontarius that she thought she was blind and that he should get up and go help her cross the street two times while he waited for the bus, Diamond explained.

The student from Cincinnati, Ohio, approached the woman and asked if she required assistance, to which she said “yes” and grasped his hand.

He then carefully walked the old, blind lady across the street, while his sister waited for the school bus.
The selfless teens didn’t think much of their acts, saying local media that they were just taught to do the right thing.

He was only trying to assist. He had no idea he’d be on video, Dontarius explained.

He was merely lending a helping hand to the elderly. The important phrase is “helping hand.” Everyone needs to pitch in, he stated.

Dontarius was seen assisting the woman, and the picture was published on social media. In just 24 hours, hundreds of people saw it and applauded the boy for his efforts.

What happens (to them) occurs to you if you are kind, Dontarius stated.

As a return for his chivalry, Dontarius was handed the key to the school.






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