You can’t make this stuff up. The United States are asking for help finding a missing F-35 fighter jet that basically vanished after a pilot ejected after or during a ‘mishap’ and the F-35 was in auto-pilot. It went missing somewhere over South Carolina according to NBC News. The report further said Joint Base Charleston seemed to be working with Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in hopes they could “locate an F-35 that was involved in a mishap” as of Sunday.

The pilot ejected safely, but the F-35B Lightening II fighter jet kept going! The missing F-35 jet is part of a training squadron. It’s not clear what the ‘mishap’ was, but now the American government is dealing with finding a missing jet. Seems like, at this time, no one has any idea where this jet crashed, because it’s likely out of the sky by now. But where is it? I guess the stealth features worked pretty good, eh!

NBC News continued their report on the missing F-35 jet that got lost in or around South Carolina:
“The search-and-recovery efforts for the aircraft are ongoing, and we are thankful to the agencies assisting in this effort,” Captain Joe Leitner, the spokesperson for the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, said. “The mishap is currently under investigation.”

The jet was left in autopilot mode when the pilot ejected from the aircraft, Jeremy Huggins, a spokesman at Joint Base Charleston, said. Authorities believed there was a possibility that it could have remained airborne for some time, though as of noon Monday they were certain it was no longer flying.

The FAA did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The circumstances that prompted the pilot to eject from the aircraft were not immediately clear.

When asked whether the jet had crashed, Huggins said he was unable to elaborate. He promised, however, that more information would be forthcoming. Further questions to Joint Base Charleston were directed to the Marines, which said it could not provide “additional details to preserve the integrity of the investigatory process.”






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