Marie Temara Earns $318k Monthly, Faces ‘Liar’ Backlash

Discover how Marie Temara earns $318k monthly despite facing ‘liar’ accusations from her followers. Learn her story now.

Marie Temara, having gained fame as part of the “tallest family on Instagram,” now earns significantly from provocative photos. Hailing from Palm Beach, Florida, she cleverly leveraged her viral fame to amass online admirers by showcasing her body and selling explicit images. She boldly left her accounting job to embrace an online subscription platform, OnlyFans.

Viewing her height as a unique advantage, Marie Temara notes that beyond her provocative photos, many individuals seem to possess a fascination with gigantism.

Doubts emerged regarding her honesty about her height following her recent Instagram post.

Moreover, a significant portion of her followers has labeled Marie Temara as untruthful due to her assertion of making £250,000 per month from selling explicit photos.

On the previous Thursday, the beauty posted a video featuring her standing amidst her parents. Her father, a 6ft 3ins man, and her mother, towering at 7ft 5 inches. She added a caption to the post, “No more short genes in our family. Did you get the tall or short genes?!”

Upon closer investigation, several fans noted discrepancies in her claims. Some suggested Marie’s height might be not the stated 7ft, but rather a more modest 6ft 2 inches.

Supposedly, being 7 feet tall would make Marie slightly taller than the beanpole ex-footballer Peter Crouch, as someone pointed out: “According to Google, Marie is 6ft 2ins.”

Another added: “Why do you feel the need to lie?” A third wrote: “The tallest woman in the world is 7 feet. And your mom or you ain’t it. This is just sad cringe.”

Significantly, Christine, the mother, stands at an impressive height of 6ft 5ins, while her brothers Shane and Troy tower at 6ft 9ins and 6ft 10ins respectively.

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