Coco Austin Faces Backlash for Spread-Eagle Bikini Poses

Coco Austin sparks backlash over daring bikini poses. Fans criticize spread-eagle shots. Read more in the article.

Coco Austin is currently facing backlash from certain followers for sharing a bikini photo where she is squatting. While many lauded her as a unique Instagram model, others took issue with the amount she revealed.

This isn’t the first time she’s encountered criticism about her attire. Just last month, her husband Ice-T had to step in to defend her after she received negative feedback for a daring Fourth of July outfit.

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For the Fourth of July celebration, Coco Austin chose a white G-string thong paired with a red crop top, barely covering half her breasts.

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Responding to the criticism, Ice-T commented on the post, questioning why people who had an issue with Coco still chose to follow her. He referred to such behavior as “weird stuff.”

During that period, the rapper, who has a 7-year-old daughter named Chanel with Austin, promptly responded to critics of his wife. Addressing concerns about their daughter’s reaction to the provocative photo, the Law & Order: SVU star replied: “Go do some sit-ups, bitch. Lol.” Tracy Marrow, known as the “New Jack City” actor, also responded to a critic with “Simply unfollow, b**ch.”

She posted two pictures in a vibrant pink, blue, and purple bikini.

In the subsequent picture, the mother of a child stood erect, positioned beside a palm tree and a pool. As for the comments, one individual wrote, “I’m happy I grew up in the days where moms didn’t show their cam toe for the whole internet.”

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Another added: “What a poor, disgusting example she is for her child.” “To a married woman, these pictures just don’t sit right with me,” commented another one.

“I’m not sure how you got a husband; most men do not want a man to sexualize their wife,” wrote another. “Sorry, this is too much for me. Unfollowing.” added another user.

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