The Bud Light boycott continues and the beer may be pulled from major retailers as slumping sales continue to hammer the brand. This is all because of the marketing disaster where Bud Light partnered with Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male who dresses up like a woman and wears makeup while posting very cringe and annoying videos on social media. Many consumers called Bud Light’s disastrous marketing scheme an insult to women, because Bud Light could have used a real woman instead of a man dressed up like one.

ABC News is reporting on the longevity of the Bud Light boycott in a new article that talks about major retailers dialing back on shelf space for Bud Light, and that’s because the American people just aren’t buying it as much. Other brands are enjoying a surge in sales, so retailers will place better items on the shelves, because after all – the store has to make money. It’s a waste of shelf space to put Bud Light on their shelves if people aren’t willing to spend money on it. That’s sales 101, right? ABC News’ business report said the following:

Even more, a reset of shelf space that takes hold every fall at major retailers could solidify the sales declines and make it much more difficult for Bud Light to return to its performance before the boycott, according to ABC News’ interviews with a former Anheuser-Busch executive, a local Bud Light wholesaler and beer industry analysts.

Bud Light is set to lose refrigerator space at a vast network of stores belonging to key beer sellers like Walmart and 7-Eleven, since the retailers typically reapportion shelf space based on recent sales performance, taking space away from struggling brands and giving it to hot-selling ones, the industry sources told ABC News.

“During a busy shopping period on a Friday or Saturday night, if you don’t have the beer available cold on the shelf, consumers pick something else,” former Anheuser-Busch InBev executive Anson Frericks told ABC News, calling shelf space “the single largest determinant of sales in a store.”

“There will be a dramatic shift,” Frericks added.

To make matters worse for Bud Light, they’ve suffered five months of declining sales, pushing the brand out of talks for being the most popular beer and moving other brands, such as Modelo, to the spotlight.

The Bud Light boycott is a warning to brands not to “go woke” otherwise they could end up “going broke” in the process. Americans appear to be very tired of the woke diversity push by leftists and a huge portion of the country is fighting back against the movement, refusing to spend money on “woke” brands who push things that are against core American values.

Another example is Dove soap who recently partnered with a BLM activist who’s accused of ruining a white woman’s life by stating false claims, then later admitting she may have “misheard” the comments the woman said. By that time, the damage was already done and the woman’s life was basically ruined during that time. Dove partners with BLM activist news is pushing Dove to endure the Bud Light Boycott treatment as consumers throw their soap in the trash and vow to never buy Dove again.

How long will that boycott last? Only time will tell, but judging by the Bud Light boycott – it could cost the Dove company millions in lost sales if Americans hold true to their boycott.

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