Victoria Matosa Overcomes Bullying, Thrives as Model

Victoria Matosa, facing an incurable condition known as Lipoedema, has encountered significant challenges due to abnormal leg fat buildup. Mobility issues and hurtful insults forced her to conceal her body and endure bullying, but she has now risen triumphantly as a successful mode

Victoria Matosa, hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, faced taunts of being called a “penguin” due to her robust legs’ walking style.

She said: “I always had thick legs, but it started to get worse after [I started getting] my period, and I couldn’t even wear shorts outside the house, I felt too ashamed. I started to avoid going to the beach and only [wore] leggings and jeans, which made me very uncomfortable, [as well as] distancing myself from friends out of embarrassment.”

In February 2023, she embraced self-acceptance upon being diagnosed with Lipoedema, realizing her leg swelling was beyond her control.

Addressing potential surgery down the line, the model added about the online trolls, “Due to bullying and pressure to always be doing a lot of exercises to lose weight, I tried many restrictive diets, which resulted in me binge-eating. I used to spend three hours in the gym until I reached exhaustion, giving up and then eating compulsively.”

After enduring bullying for her thick legs, Victoria Matosa has taken empowering strides on her path to self-acceptance, ultimately achieving success as a model.

She continued, “It was a mixture of feelings—before, I blamed myself for not being able to lose weight in my legs, even working out intensely. Now, I go to the gym and have an anti-inflammatory diet, but I don’t feel ready to [have an] operation, as I’d have to do three liposuctions. I feel sad and discouraged with each passing day, but I try to accept and love myself more.”






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