Tomatoes and cucumbers should never be paired in a salad, in case you didn’t know.

Cucumbers and tomatoes are nutritious powerhouses, high in water, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, Ayurvedic principles dictate that they should not be consumed as part of the same meal.

Combining different types of vegetables with varying digesting durations might result in stomach fermentation and contamination of other body parts. Quick-digesting veggies, such as tomatoes, will be processed before slower-digesting vegetables, such as cucumbers, resulting in a messy digestive mix.

To ensure proper digestion, Ayurveda suggests choosing salad elements that require roughly the same amount of time to digest.

This way, the body’s resources are used to break down meals and absorb nutrients into the bloodstream efficiently.

Combining tomatoes with cucumbers is not recommended because it can impede digestion. Due to the fermentation process, this can result in problems such as gas, bloating, or stomach pain.

Furthermore, avoid other food pairings that may slow digestion, such as fruits after a meal or macaroni and cheese (or macaroni and meat). Overeating protein at once should also be avoided, such as eating more than one type of meat or cheese at the same meal.

Bloating can also occur when cheese is combined with vegetables. It is best to diversify meals with different proteins and carbohydrates while restricting fruit intake shortly after a meal to support good digestion.

Orange juice is a highly acidic drink that can disrupt the enzyme responsible for starch digestion. As a result, it is not advised to consume it with foods such as bread and noodles since they may interfere with digestion.

Meanwhile, melons and watermelons should be consumed alone because combining them with other fruits can cause digestive problems.

When milk and bananas are ingested together, they cause sluggish digestion. Although a healthy breakfast of fruit and yogurt appears appealing, the combination may disrupt intestinal flora balance and slow digestion.







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